Integrated Oil Service (IOS) was established in 2008 in the Kurdistan region with a corporate office and operations facility inthe city of Erbil. IOS offers a wide spectrum of well services covering all aspects of upstream oil & gas activities.

Integrated Service Management


Integrated Services Management improves the operational efficiency of projects by managing and coordinating OPTIMUM and third-party services and products.

Enhancing operational efficiency of projects by managing and coordinating OPTIMUM and third-party services and products
The primary objective is to streamline service delivery across project operations, which in turn increases efficiency, reduces NPT, and lowers costs. Based at the customer’s office, the Project Integration Manager is a fully functional member of the customer’s project team as the conduit for technical integration. By providing the methodology for technology adaptation, he optimizes the execution of projects according to plan. Along with those of selected third parties, availability and capabilities are ensured for the full scope that may be required during operations. Integrated Service Management services can be as diverse as location construction, personnel mobilization, onsite survey execution, site inspections, and scheduling equipment maintenance.
Integrated Service Management services are provided on a time and materials basis and do not include well engineering (either drilling or production) and wellsite supervision, which remain the customer’s responsibility.

Requirement. Further support comes from our global network of petro technical experts, able to assist in subsurface modeling, analysis, and operational support to minimize drilling risks.



  • Erbil Office: Iraq, Erbil, Gazna Road

  • Head Quarter: Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands

  • Baghdad Office: Karrada, Arrasat El-Hendiya, Bldg. No. 437 Baghdad, Iraq

  • info@optimum-ops.com

  • +964 (750) 281-9191

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