Integrated Oil Service (IOS) was established in 2008 in the Kurdistan region with a corporate office and operations facility inthe city of Erbil. IOS offers a wide spectrum of well services covering all aspects of upstream oil & gas activities.




OPTIMUM has assembled a team with both local expertise in our home markets and international experience at leading energy service companies. We not only start with experienced people, but also have put in place extensive training programs to ensure all services are delivered flawlessly.
The success of our work comes down to the dedication and talent of our people. To provide the work at the quality we do, we have developed a team that combines international experience, local expertise, and continuous improvement through rigorous training programs.


OPTIMUM business is based on fair competition. We are committed to adhere to the highest standards of integrity in all our business practices and transactions.
OPTIMUM has zero-tolerance to bribery and corruption, and we live by this code.


OPTIMUM has assembled a team with international experience at the leading energy service companies. Our team, with multinational
professionals, has experience in oil and gas basins worldwide and has been instrumental in applying leading-edge oil service technology and techniques to challenging oil and gas projects across the globe.


In each home market, we seek to have most of our team made up of highly trained local employees. We have pioneered programs in Iraq, for example, to bring to our clients skilled engineers and technicians who are uniquely expert in the logistical, cultural, and geological conditions of our home markets.


The oil and gas business is not static, and neither are the skills of OPTIMUM’s team. We have implemented rigorous training programs not only to ensure consistent quality among our younger team members but also to ensure that all our team members are skilled in the latest techniques to serve our clients. To provide services at the quality we do our team is totally committed to ensuring that all services are delivered flawlessly.


  • Erbil Office: Iraq, Erbil, Gazna Road

  • Head Quarter: Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands

  • Baghdad Office: Karrada, Arrasat El-Hendiya, Bldg. No. 437 Baghdad, Iraq

  • info@optimum-ops.com

  • +964 (750) 281-9191

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