Integrated Oil Service (IOS) was established in 2008 in the Kurdistan region with a corporate office and operations facility inthe city of Erbil. IOS offers a wide spectrum of well services covering all aspects of upstream oil & gas activities.




OPTIMUM’s clients do not, and should not, compromise on the applied technologies used to meet their needs. To serve them in our home markets, we search out, procure, maintain, and adapt the best equipment from the best tool suppliers and technology companies worldwide.
To deliver the highest quality services to our home markets we bring in the best equipment with decades of proven performance in oil and gas basins throughout the world.

OPTIMUM has implemented a global procurement program to find equipment that leads the industry in not only technological capabilities but also reliability and efficiency, to allow us to cost- effectively deliver quality services to our clients.
OPTIMUM has relationships with some of the best equipment providers worldwide and is continually seeking to expand those relationships to serve our clients.


  • Erbil Office: Iraq, Erbil, Gazna Road

  • Head Quarter: Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands

  • Baghdad Office: Karrada, Arrasat El-Hendiya, Bldg. No. 437 Baghdad, Iraq

  • info@optimum-ops.com

  • +964 (750) 281-9191

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