Integrated Oil Service (IOS) was established in 2008 in the Kurdistan region with a corporate office and operations facility inthe city of Erbil. IOS offers a wide spectrum of well services covering all aspects of upstream oil & gas activities.

Integrated Drilling Services and Project Management

Services range from an integrated offering encompassing industry-leading drilling technologies, well design, drilling operations, to the entire scope of well construction, including well planning and drilling, provision of rigs and rig management, logistics, procurement, and all necessary third parties.
  • OPTIMUM holds the industry’s most comprehensive drilling technologies portfolio, with leadership positions in all major service and product areas. 
  • Engineering capabilities in well design and operations planning can be adapted to any project requirement.
  • Further support comes from OPTIMUM network of technical experts, able to assist in subsurface modeling, analysis, and operational support to minimize drilling risks.
Integrated projects bring together the entire scope of well construction and can extend to include rigs (from OPTIMUM or other rig contractors), logistics, and all necessary third parties. These projects include all aspects of well engineering, design, and planning through to onsite supervision and drilling rig management.
The offering is tailored to the requirements of each project. IPM project ownership by OPTIMUM enables developing commercial and contractual alignment to the project objectives.


  • Deliver integrated multidiscipline service for safe and economical well decommissioning and abandonment.
  • OPTIMUM Integrated Well Abandonment service offers an integrated approach to well abandonment from single-well to multiwell. we uses the extensive range of OPTIMUM technologies and integrates third-party services where appropriate.
  • Built on years of integrated project management experience, the IWA service encompasses a full scope of well abandonment activities, from engineering and well abandonment design to complete program execution, including removal of conductor pipe.
  • Efficiency, safety, and the environment are considered throughout the well intervention process. internationally recognised equipments used in installing backpressure valves prior to removing the wellhead, running the tubing hanger, and performing BOP tests.
  • Implementing the process of dismantling the well, our crew of skilled technicians help to reduce uncertainty and is mindful of the need for compliance with local regulations. Performance is based on skills learned and tested through our Competency Management System.


  • Erbil Office: Iraq, Erbil, Gazna Road

  • Head Quarter: Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands

  • Baghdad Office: Karrada, Arrasat El-Hendiya, Bldg. No. 437 Baghdad, Iraq

  • info@optimum-ops.com

  • +964 (750) 281-9191

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